Rajasthan Art & culture

The rich heritage of Rajasthan manifests itself in its unique art and culture. The latticed havelis, ornate palaces and intricately carved temples, the architectural beauty of forts and palaces.Every fair and festival is a reflection of its rich art and craft in terms of bazaars, music, dance, cuisine, sport events, which provides an opportunity to gain an insight view of the life & culture of Rajasthan.

Fok Dance - RajasthanEvery region of Rajasthan has its own form of dance which display the art and culture of the state. Several tribal groups have their own old dance forms. Ghoomer is one of them performed by women on special occasions. Other well known folk dances of Rajasthan are Gair, Chari, Drum Dance, Fire Dance, Kachhi Ghodi, Kathputli etc.
Rajasthani Music - Music is a prime part of Rajasthani culture, which displays all aspects of Rajasthan culture. Rajasthani music and songs talk about its rich past by many religious and devotional songs and dramas. Various traditional musical instruments like dholak, ektara, matas, nagada, chang, kamayacha, sarangi, sitar are commonly used in all types of music.
Painting - RajasthanThe phad and the Pichwais are two forms of cloth paintings in Rajasthhan. These were generally associated with the legends of Krishna and historic themes. These were generally done in colours obtained from natural minerals & vegetable, with red and yellow predominating.
Sculpture & Stonework- Rajasthan is also famous for its sculpture and stonework especially carvings on marble and sandstone. It can be seen in most of its palaces, forts, temples, stepwells and havelis. This art was used in carving images of the deities from the stone block.
Cuisine - Each region of Rajasthan has its own traditional dishes and specialties with unique flavour. Due to the scarcity of water, areas like Bikaner and Jaisalmer use milk in most of their food items. The cuisine of Rajasthan is also influenced by Mughal and Europeans with spicy flavours.